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Research-and-production company "VK System"

General information:
RPK "VK System"

It was created in 2010 at the base enterprise "VK Sistema" by expanding and combining several enterprises and research and development (technical) teams that previously worked independently. All the participants (individual specialists and teams) that are members of the current research and production company have their experience and history (from 5 to 25 years of work) in designing, developing, manufacturing, repairing and modernizing products (products) for special military use: armored , automotive, engineering, artillery, and other equipment produced by the former Soviet Union.


The main direction of the work of the NPK "VK Sistema" is the manufacture and maintenance of components, units and assemblies for armored vehicles and vehicles, both for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and for export (through the special exporter of Ukrspetsexport and its subsidiaries).

The company also performs works on modernization, development and introduction of new modern components and separate units (systems) for the mentioned equipment, training equipment (stands), spare parts, auxiliary and service equipment and equipment (serials, repair shops and other ).

One of the new directions of the Company's production activities are:

Development and production of a new generation of equipment for the Land Forces landfills, which represents a computerized radio control system with a targeted environment, with control and analysis of shooting exercises;

-Together with the CPDB, the development and production of an energy generator for medium tanks (T-72, T-80) with a capacity of 10 kW for the power supply of a tank with the main diesel engine disconnected (for training and combat exercises by the rifle operator in the tank turret, and for recharging purposes in field conditions of regular storage batteries);

-Manufacturing of special camouflage coverings (networks) designed to protect military equipment and military facilities (structures) from optical reconnaissance means.

Technical and marketing potential:

Highly qualified personnel, unique equipment, rich experience in performing various types of work on manufacturing, modernization and repair of weapons and military equipment, flexibility in reconfiguring production by types and product range allows to conduct effective and fruitful mutually beneficial cooperation with many partners (customers) - and with Ukrainian enterprises, and with foreign partners. The company has in the structure of a marketing service, stable direct contracts with many foreign partners (potential customers) both for the supply (purchase) of products and property, and for joint implementation of contracts.

The organizational and production structure, the availability of production facilities, technical documentation and qualified personnel allow the Company to fulfill orders for the development, modernization, manufacturing and supply of spare parts, units and units for armament and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, CIS countries, other foreign partners, which have samples of armored vehicles and equipment (BTWT), automotive equipment of the Soviet period of production.

LLC RPK "VK System" is:
  • -Manufacturing and machining of parts to order
  • -Manufacturing of spare parts, components and units for special equipment
  • -Overhaul, modernization of units and units for special equipment
  • -Development of technical documentation for machine-building purposes
  • -Highly qualified specialists
Our achievements
  • TOP-7 enterprises of the leaders of the Kiev region of 2014
  • TOP-50 enterprises-leaders of Ukraine in 2014
  • TOP-7 enterprises of the leaders of the Kiev region
  • TOP-50 enterprises-leaders of Ukraine
  • TOP-5 Exporter of the Year 2012
  • TOP-7 Exporter of the Year 2012
  • TOP-20 Exporter of the Year 2012
  • Top 10 Importer of the Year 2012
  • LEAGUE OF THE BEST international economic rating
Why us?
10 years of experience
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