VK System
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engine and gb

ZMZ-4905- Engine carburetor, petrol, with a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders at an angle of 90 degrees with the top of the valves and shielded electric equipmnetm to reduce radio interference from the engine. It is intended for installation on special purpose vehicles of OAO GAZ.

YaMZ-238NB- Engine YaMZ-238NB, V-shaped, four-stroke, with compression ignition and direct injection of fuel into the combustion chamber. Engine YaMZ-238NB has eight cylinders. The engine cylinders are arranged in two rows at an angle of 90 °.

YaMZ-238V- Diesel engines, turbocharged and without it, V-shaped, eight-cylinder, four-stroke. The purpose is to equip heavy trucks (KAMAZ, Ural, etc.), tractors (K-700), armored personnel carriers, construction equipment, etc.

UTD-20- Six-cylinder four-stroke high-speed diesel with direct fuel injection, high-temperature cooling. The originality of the engine among tank diesels is that the bearings of the crankshaft are not made of plain bearings (liners), but of rolling bearings (roller bearings). The tank diesel UTD-20 is installed on the BMP-1, BMP-2.

AT 6- Engine AT 6 - six-cylinder. AT 6 diesel engines include engines of the following brands: AT 6B, AT 6M, AT 6M1, AT 6A, AT 6PG, AT 6K, AT 6P-1. These engines are for the non-ballistic, with harnessed units, single-block (in-line), four-stroke, six-cylinder, with vertical cylinder arrangement, with forced liquid cooling.

YaMZ-240- YaMZ-240 - diesel, 12-cylinder, with V-shaped arrangement of cylinders, four-stroke with compression ignition, liquid-cooled, direct injection of fuel, engine for quarry trucks, heavy automotive and construction equipment, diesel trains.

B-46 (B-84)- Diesels of this type are twelve-cylinder, two-block (with V-shaped arrangement of cylinder blocks), four-stroke, high-speed, multi-fuel, with a blow from the driven centrifugal supercharger, with forced liquid cooling.

D12A-525- D12A-525, diesel, power 385 kW (525 hp) at 2000 rpm, the torque is 2200 Nm (225 kgf-m) at 1000-1400 rpm, equipped with pre-heater PZHD-600 with a heating capacity of 55,000 kcal / h. Start the engine - electric starter; The backup start-up system is compressed air.

5D20B-300 - Diesel engines of type D-20 are six-cylinder, V-shaped, four-stroke high-speed ones with direct injection of fuel and high-temperature liquid cooling.

765-12-SB13- Transmission.

537-1500011-11- Transmission