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Armored medical machine

          In 2018 LLC "NVK" VK System "produced a prototype of the Armored Medical Machine on the basis of a light multipurpose tracked chassis MT-LBU on its own production facilities (given BMM MT-LB C).

          In November 2018, the car successfully passed the demanding test.

          Taking into account the experience of the production of the previous BMM MT-LB C, the advantages of the body MT-LBu (longitudinal base and increased height compared to the case MT-LB), and after analyzing the comments and wishes that arose during the operation of BMM MT-LB C, we offer a series of changes and new constructive solutions aimed at improving the comfort of the control, improving the comfort of victims during transportation, the convenience of providing medical assistance to personnel and increasing armor protection.

          One of the most important innovations that are being introduced when creating a prototype MT-LB C is:

  • Installation of air conditioner.
  • Installing a modern heater.
  • Rear view camera installation.
  • Installation of modern means of external and internal lighting, in particular, 3-color (blue, red, white) light-emitting illumination with the regulation of the brightness of the sanitary department.
  • Increase the hole opening.
  • To reduce the time of loading (unloading) of the wounded on the stretcher, the design of the seats and adaptations for loading (unloading) has been changed.
  • Installation in the sanitary department of additional folding seats.
  • Equipment of sanitary department in places of fastening of medical property and personal property of the crew.